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Nurture, Cherish & Heal - Living Well With HIV

Wherein there is life, it desires to be celebrated. Wherein there may be wish, it desires to be nurtured. Where there is awareness, it needs to be enjoyed.

This becomes greater vital while someone is coping with a life threatening disorder like aids.

Reiki does now not declare to cure hiv. But it may pass a long manner in making the lifestyles of someone infected with aids, a long way higher. From dealing with the trauma of the disorder to assisting minimise the facet consequences of medicine, reiki gives the infected person hope and power - intellectual, non secular and physical.

Reiki works in partnership with traditional medical remedies, improving their efficacy and growing their usefulness.

How can reiki help?

Ache control: reiki can go a protracted manner in helping with the physical symptoms of aids. Lots of sufferers from round the sector have benefitted from the recovery touch of reiki.

Boosting the immune system: reiki can supplement the effect of various medications in assisting to strengthen the immune device.

Reduces facet results: some of the medicine used within the palliative care of hiv patients may have quite loads of aspect results. Reiki can help in dealing with and decreasing those outcomes.

Counters neuropathy: about one 0.33 of human beings infected with hiv be afflicted by neuropathy of one form or the other. Clinical studies have shown that reiki can lessen the spasms as a result of ache and assist loosen up the muscle mass.

Helps address the lifestyles changes: frequently a person inflamed with hiv has to stand no longer simply the trauma of getting a lifestyles threatening disorder however also social stigma and ostracism. Reiki gives the 'sufferer' spiritual strength and wisdom to help cope with those life changes. It also helps higher sleep, healing procedures despair correctly and helps the man or woman get a tremendous outlook in existence.

From self-restoration to self-reliance: reiki may be administered via a educated practitioner or the inflamed man or woman himself. When the patient takes the reiki education and heals himself, he feels greater in control.

So what's reiki?

Reiki is a laying-on-fingers recovery method lots of years vintage. It become rediscovered through dr. Mikao usui, a jap buddhist, inside the overdue nineteenth century.

Reiki is the god-cognizance referred to as rei that guides the life force called ki within the practice we call reiki.

Reiki is the non-bodily strength that animates all dwelling things.

As long as something is alive it has a lifestyles force circulating thru it and surrounding it.

Whilst it dies the lifestyles force departs. In case your existence force is low, or if there is a restrict in its go with the flow, you may be extra liable to contamination. Whilst it's far excessive and flowing freely, you are much less possibly to get ill.

Lifestyles pressure performs an vital position in the whole lot we do. It animates the frame and is likewise the number one energy of our feelings, thoughts and non secular lifestyles. Reiki makes this life pressure to be had to us in abundance.


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