The Tragic Truth And The Solution For Humanity

Even though we know that our organism already produces everything we need, we believed that desires had been useless and meaningless photos produced through our creativeness.

The truth is that all dreams have a protective feature, exactly like the pain we experience in our frame when there is a problem with our organism.

Today we realize that the subconscious thoughts is the dream manufacturer and now not our imagination.

We additionally recognise that the unconscious mind located with the aid of carl jung is god's thoughts, and that carl jung's approach of dream interpretation correctly interprets god's phrases in desires, due to the fact that i simplified and clarified his work after coming across the life of a primitive conscience in our mind, which has satanic characteristics.

We are in truth horrible demons with a tiny human moral sense. This description seems to be offensive for the individual, but now that the evil content hidden into the unknown region of the human psyche was observed we need to humbly understand the fact.

The horrors of the arena and our indifference to these horrors show that we truly have a satanic nature.

Our goodness is false, temporary, and it depends on the advantages we will have, either without delay or in a roundabout way.

The human race is a ways from being composed by way of creatures that have a human heart. We are in reality egocentric vampires with a human face. This description corresponds to the truth, even though it seems to be very offensive, in particular because we are happy with our intelligence, besides being essentially idiotic.

This fact become found thanks to the continuation of carl jung's studies and the information observed in dreams. Our human sense of right and wrong is a thin cover that hides a terrible demon, which occupies the most important a part of our mind.

All goals try to assist our sense of right and wrong get rid of the demon (our satanic anti-judgment of right and wrong) through consciousness.

We're incorrigible demons that don't need to stop being violent, but god manages to help us recognize the significance of goodness thanks to his reasons in desires.

We can forestall being monsters, find sound intellectual health, and attain sanctity while we obey god's guidance due to the fact god makes miracles. In any other case, we might in no way be capable of stop being violent.

We ought to be greater than grateful because god controlled to discover the power of goodness and he's sharing his expertise with us, even though we're incorrigible demons and we do not want to analyze his training.

Most desires reflect:

* our absurdity

* our evilness

* our stupidity and your mistakes

* the risks which can be threatening our mental health and our future

We stay so one can cast off our anti-moral sense and emerge as truely human, in order that we may attain sanctity and stop being loopy demons. That is a completely extraordinary assertion, however it explains a scientifically proven reality. We virtually are merciless and selfish.

This shocking medical discovery proves that satan exists, because it occupies the biggest a part of our mind.

The religions of the sector had been created by means of god a good way to remedy our mental ailments and help us prevent being absurd and evil.

All desires have a therapeutic impact due to the fact god sends us in dream messages the statistics we want a good way to be capable of recognize the actual meaning of goodness.

Our conscience need to tame and transform the demon that lives in our mind right into a individual by using obeying god's steering in our dreams and in our religion.

All dreams deliver us unique factors about our intellectual health troubles, showing us how we can gather sound intellectual fitness and grow to be excellent human beings.